How did the Greece Jazz Band get started?
Chuck Huffine started the band in 1997 in response to the community’s desire to hear big band jazz music. Auditions were held in April, 1997, and the band played its first gig in July, 1997.

What kind if events does the band play for?
We typically play 2 formal auditorium concerts, usually with guest groups such as high school and college jazz bands, plus 2-3 dances, 3 holiday mall concerts, 4-8 festivals, the Greece Supervisor’s Concert, a Wegmans Concert at Charlotte Beach, and 3-5 student and community outreach concerts each year. At present, we do not play wedding receptions, although the band Executive Committee is considering this. We do play other private and corporate functions, upon request.

How many people are in the Greece Jazz Band?
Because it is a volunteer group and many people have family, work and other commitments, we try to have extra player in all sections to make sure parts are covered. At many concerts, we double parts so that everyone plays. At some concerts, we have people alternate pieces. While not everyone plays all of the songs under this system, it does allow people to maintain their other commitments without the band missing parts at concerts. At present, we have 29 people in the band, covering 21 parts (including vocal). We also occasionally bring in guest musicians when other instruments are called-for (ie: French Horns).

Can I play in the Greece Jazz Band?
The band is open by audition. Email us to inquire about openings. Even with the extra players, we occasionally require substitutes for gigs. Please email if you would like to be placed on our substitute list.

Do I have to live in Greece to play in the band?
No. Although many of our musicians live in Greece, some come in from as far away as Honeoye Falls. However, even if you do live farther away, we do insist that you show up regularly and on-time to rehearsals and performances.

Can the band play for my wedding reception, company party, or class reunion?
As of now, the band is not playing wedding receptions. Being a volunteer group, it is difficult to require people to commit to something that important so far in advance, especially since they are not getting paid. We will consider requests to play company parties, class reunions, charity events, and other gigs. Our decision will be based on whether people can commit to playing the gig, if our performance would fit what you are seeking, and the amount of payment.

What facilities does the band need for a performance?
At minimum, the band requires a solid surface of not less than 24′ wide by 20′ deep. We require electrical power and at least 4 electrical outlets. While we would be grateful if you could supply sound (w/2 microphones) and lighting, we can supply our own sound system. At the present time, we do not have a lighting system. We need an out-of-site place to store our cases. We also require a minimum of 1 hour to set-up before the performance. Being a volunteer group, we do not have the luxury of setting up the day before. We do need access right up to the stage for 2-3 vehicles to unload equipment.

I don’t have room for the whole band. Can you bring just part of the band?
We do not presently have music that would allow us to bring only part of the band. At present, its all or nothing.

How much does the band cost to book?
The answer to this question depends highly on the type of function. We will perform outreach and charity concerts for little or no compensation. However, for private functions, our fees are comparable to other jazz big bands in the region, and depend on the length of time we would play.